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Weddings, startups and “bad taste”

Nate Anderson at Ars Technica ( informs us that “One California couple used their wedding registry to highlight the realities of entrepreneurial life, and to build a bit of buzz for the new company” (full article at

I start from the assumption that everyone is free to decide the ifs and hows of own wedding.

Despite this principle, form me, I think is something of bad taste and, in some ways, the mirror of how in current times, everything is reduced to a mere economic rational.

While I’m not a (too much) romantic person, wedding is something, for me, something very important that cannot be money only.

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Errors and computers

To err is human; to really foul things up requires a computer.


Does China need an IPhone or does The IPhone need China

Kevin Hall at Dvice writes a small but good article talking about China Unicom and Apple having signed a partnership in order to sell Iphones in China. What Kevin states is that China Unicom will buy the headsets as wholesales and will have the right to decide the content being shown (full article at

I think that Apple move, on an economic point of view only, is a smart move, because of the big market is entering.

On the fact of having a less rich Iphone, I remain on my position that those who will have the IPhone for benefiting of all functions will be far less than those buying it “because is glamour”.

What doesn’t surprise me but seems incoherent is that Apple rejects Google Voice app because changes user experience, but when China Unicom cuts some content is accepted.

1.2 Billion potential users are a new frontier that cannot be ignored, also if some exceptions have to be made.

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Iteration and divinity

To iterate is human; to recurse, divine.


Microsoft and Yahoo: a threat or a fake?

Matt Hartley at Lockergnome writes an aricle on possible scenarios of Microsoft and Yahoo integration (full article at

Seems to me that an integration between the two companies will be more a financial and opportuinistic make up than a real “industrial” integration.

Microsoft will benefits achieving a search engine (which Yahoo has been and is, despite its CEO opinion) with some market and financial problems.

Yahoo will benefit by getting fresh new cash.

That will be drained by Microsoft.

And that’s why in my opinion, Dow Jones is scared.

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Life and programming

There’s got to be more to life than compile-and-go.


Value of a program

The value of a program is proportional to the weight of its output.


Is Desktop shop the next stop for users?

Christian Zibreg ( at writes an article asking the question on possible implications of a desktop application store (full article at

Seems to me a good idea especially for the average user and especially for the following reasons:

  • average users can make “impromptu” buying if price is low enough (like 0.99$ price on app store)
  • average users are often afraid of security and tend not to buy if not sure of the site. If the store is considered safe (like app store) will be a plus
  • average users can get centralized assistance on software bough, started by store (which can be payed by a small fee) and delivered by the software maker (that can get the rest of the fee)

Seems interesting… 🙂

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Programmers love

Programmers do it bit by bit.


Bloggers anonimity revenge

Andy Carvell at ( writes an article informing that Rosemary Port the blogger whose name was revealed by Google because of insulting and offending Liskula Cohen ( a model (full article at

I wrote some days ago that I think that revealing blogger name was a fair decision: writing under a nickname is an opportunity that should not exceed in using this as a barrier for offending someone.

Each one of us has a different reason for writing under a nickname, from being too famous to being scared of something or someone, from being shy to being worried of something.

But none of this reason entitles to use this anonimity as a mean for expressing something that we would not say with our real names.

I’m curious to sse what will happen.

It’s really starnge how people, though they are acting right also when they are doing bad things.

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