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Personal fredom and company rights

Dan Schawbel at Stepcase Lifehack writes an article discussing on company rights to block or not access to social sites (and among them to blogs), with special attention on what is about possible use of this type of communication (full article at

In my opinion is not a problem of freedom nor of possible uses.

In a company, especially those with a strong identity (on brand and communication side), executives could want to have strict control on which messages are given to public and which is the way they are addressed.

For me nothing is taken from personal freedom if access to some (or all)  social sites is blocked or restricted because people take money for doing work, not for using social networks. And at least is a problem of business ethics: even if everything I said is questionable, is a problem of talking about a company internal facts that should not be allowed.

I think that everybody gives as obtained the right of using internet for doing something that is completely or partially unlinked from work: it’s not a right, is an opportunity given by companies that pay the costs.

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Solutions and problems

I don’t have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem.



I came to university to get an education for myself and a diploma for my mother.


Humor and reality

Humor is the best antidote to reality.


Flying and landing

Flying is the second greatest experience known to man.  Landing is the first.

Anonymous pilot

Geolocation: opportunity or paranoia?

Gina Trapani at Smarterware writes an article reporting that “Robert Scoble argues that requiring users to post their true location in geolocation apps is an “antifeature” because it freaks people out. Users want control over where they say they are and want the option to be “fuzzy” about it” (full article at, original article at

I’m quite scared about geolocation and at the same time excited. 

Fears comes mainly from the fact that in the world today, God only knows the use that can be made from geolocation (BTW: fears doesn’t come because I need to hide something, but mainly because I have no control on what others can do with this informations).

Excitement comes from possible uses (example: 911, first aid, finding missing people, testimonies,…).

The problem is not geolocation itself, that, like any other technology is an “enabler”, but as I said before, is the use being made: going digital is great, abusing of technology is quite stupid.

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Life and consciousness

Do not take life too seriously; you will never get out of it alive.


Consultants and love

Consultant:  Someone who knowns 101 ways to make love, but can’t get a date.


Answer and question

As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?


Everybody out of prison, really a solution?

Vince Beiser at Wired tells us that criminologist Nils Christie brings forward the theory that emptying prisons is a good way of changing the mood in which people deal with criminals (full article at

I think that rules are there to be respected.

Everyone should be conscious that if a violation is committed, a fair and equilibrate penalty is the risk (or the thing to be sure).

I think that making law offenders self conscious is a way of redempting people that needs too much effort to put in for a little success.

This desn’t mean that they sould be treated as non humans. But, I think, prison should be a moment to think on theirself by loosing for some time the most precious gift a man has: freedom.

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