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Chastity:  The most unnatural of the sexual perversions.

Aldous Huxley

Ryanair and a too much grown ego

Ryanair is making a crusade against Italian government regarding documents needed to board passengers, under the menace to stop flights in Italy (full story in italian at

Just a couple of words: We don’t really care of Ryanair!

It’s not a matter of security or of policies. It’s a matter of respect for countries laws.

Italian people are worried more than Mr Stephen McNamara (spokesman) or Mr O’Leary (CEO) of passengers security. And made a law allowing people to board on aircrafts using government issued ids on top of  id and passport.

So, in brief, Mr O’leary: we have our rules and laws and everybody (including foreign companies) respect them. If you respect them too you’re welcome, otherwise, the door is open to go away.

P.S. If security is so important for you Mr O’Leary, why the payment of a cash extra and some protests permits the boarding with documents other than idsand passports?

Death and life

Better clean death than dirty life. 

Frank Herbert

Adobe more attractive than Microsoft for hackers

James Niccolai at Computerworld writes an article reporting that Adobe with Acrobat reader and flash will be the next target for hackers, overtaking Microsoft, for a Mcafee source (full story at

Doesn’t surprise me. Adobe is well spread among users (and less publicized). And especially for flash is a defacto standard and a prerequisite for many sites. And, maybe, is quite easier to hack than other platforms.

Maybe Google OS will be the target in 2012 (when hopefully will reach a maturity and spread wide enough to make the effort meaningfull).

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Belief and knowledge

Belief is not the beginning but the end of all knowledge.


Ladder of success

Be sure your ladder of success is leaning against the right wall.


Books and Kindle

The Business insider at Gizmodo writes an article informing us that during this Christmas, Amazon sold more books for Kindle than paper ones (full article at

As I said other times I’m quite curious about e-readers, but there are some points that should be analyzed a little bit in depth:

1) As I said another time, e-readers won’t replace books also for a couple more reasons: because book have a wider diffusion due, also to digital gap and people attitude and because book have a different experience “user” in terms of sensations (because, yes, I really like the smell and feeling of paper under my fingers)

2) I would like to have more details on books readability, since buying a book is one thing and reading it is another one. I guess that most of the people that bought books received (or purchased) a brand new e-reader in the proximity of Christmas. And of course they needed to try it. But will this mean that they will use it instead of books and newspapers from now on? I don’t think so.

3) E-readers are one of the “news” of  this year, since they’re taking more and more place. But paper books are vital for those that don’t want or cannot have access to digital editions (developing countries, poor countries, older people, feticists of paper 😉 ). I think that in the best case paper and electronic books will co-exist for a long while

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Repeated errors

Errare umanum est, perseverare diabolicum (Anyone can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error). 


Technology and magic

Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of magic.


Merry Christmas

Just a small post to wish everybody a fantastic Xmas.

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