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Google drops IE6 support…

…but who cares? 🙂

Gregg Keizer at Computerworld reports that Google, following the well known problems with Chinese hackers and Internet Explorer security problems, has decided to drop compatibility with IE6 (full story at

What makes me think are a couple of things:

a) first of all big G gurus and business case developers will have made their own counts, and I personally think is a wise choice.  Most of the people (remember: non tech people are the majority of population. What is strange and hassling for us isn’t for them) are automatically updating their Windows installations and IE8 is gaining more and more space)

b) this is a move, due to many other things, but most of all trying to bring a step beyond the OS andbrowser wars. Google cannot stop supporting Micrososft products, but now that is near to have a full portfolio of products (ranging from office products, to OS and passing through a browser), can try to boycott Redmond’s product in different ways (through the browser in a browser, through non supporting applications,…)

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It’s easier to apologize than to ask permission.


Tolerating intolerance

Intolerance is a state no tolerant man can tolerate.


Scheduling innovation

Innovation is hard to schedule.

Dan Fylstra

Success and persistence

In success there’s a tendency to keep on doing what you were doing.

Alan Kay

Imagination and knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge.



If you’ve seen one redwood you’ve seen them all.

Ronald Reagan

Solutions and precipitates

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.


Yahoo decadence

Nick Bilton at New York Times ( a great parallel between the 4 majors (full article at, same story at

This is the demonstration of a trend well established between the years.

Microsoft has remained a top player, differentiated through markets and clusters of population.

Google and Apple are getting more power as niche or mass players.

Yahoo has remained in its original scope and is becoming a minor player with the fate of disappearingm eaten by one of the others.

The difference for me stays in management and wise pursuing of opportunities (including differentiation in new markets).

The winners and the looser…

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Hammers and nails

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.


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