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Large Hadron Collider seen by a child

Geeks are sexy reports (full story at, original at, image presented below).

I don’t know if is a fake or not, but in any case, sometime I wonder how can children be so intelligent.

They’re everyday a surprise and remind us how this world can be seen with smaller but different eyes.

Thanks David!

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BP responsabilities for oil spill

Jason Leopold at Alternet ( writes an article asking why BP isn’t under Criminal Investigation for oil spill, while Tyler Gray at fast company ( informs us that BP “top kill approach” did not work, while Jack Loftus ( Gizmodo reports that BP knew of a potential problem a year ago  (full article at’t_bp_under_criminal_investigation and at and at

Those following me from a while know that I usually don’t talk on other countries problems, just because on the other side, I don’t like when people talk on my countries things.

But I feel that gulf oil spill is a problem also of mine.

Maybe is the first case of a local problem so big to become of worldwide breadth.

What I feel is that we are facing something apocalyptic that should be prosecuted at full extent not only in the US, but on a transnational basis.

Either if this is my first feeling, I think that there’s a moment for reaction (closing the hole and stop oil spill) and a moment for putting BP under criminal investigation.

Now we are in first phase and energies should be adressed to this.

After I think BP should be judged, fairly but at full extent.

And at the end we should learn something from what happened.

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Problems and opportunities

Problems are only opportunities in disguise.


Facebook simplified privacy settings rolled

Ryan Singel and Fred Vogelstein (  at  Wired report and discuss of new Facebook settings going live (full story at and at

Again: is closing the gates after cows escaped, but could have been a good thing.

What continues to be surprising is Mr Zuckerberg (or his managers) being so superficial: by defending the setting of “available to everybody” as default, Facebook management demonstrates their inability to understand implications of their actions.

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Skype on 3G available

John C Abell at Wired ( reports that “[…] 

Skype on Saturday released an upgrade to its iPhone app that allows calls to be made and received under AT&T’s 3G network, but there’s a catch — they won’t be free for very long, even for Skype-to-Skype calls or for people who have all-you-can-eat calling plans with the internet telephony company.

No specific pricing or even timeline was announced, but the release notes of version 2.0.0 (to the right) say this feature will be free only “until at least the end of August 2010, after which there will be a small monthly fee. […]” (full story at

I think that Skype model is not quite new, but follows same path of some free activities for the masses and some paying for the heavy or advanced users.

But I also think that, if the model followed by apple will be the same of Google Voice, Skype will be banned from App Store.

I don’t like this last solution, but I would expect it from Apple.

The only difference that could lead to a different end is that Skype hasn’t got a mobile OS to be fought by Apple.

For the moment.

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Meeting halfway

People who say they’re willing to meet you halfway are often poor judges of distance.


Failure of planning

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Anonymous planner

Random selections

Only God can make a random selection. (Even though the computer randomly chose this message)


Impossible solutions

Once you eliminate the impossible, what remains is the solution, no matter improbable it may seem.


Mind loosing

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.


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