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What happened today (which btw is also my birthday)

A quite long post (taken from a past issue of Any day in history at for my Birthday 39 this year).


  • 12 Caligula (Gaius Caesar), 3rd Roman emperor (37-41 AD)
    1811 Th‚ophile Gautier Tarbas France, writer/poet (Albertus)
    1834 Amilcare Ponchielli Paderno Italy, composer (I Lituani)
    1870 Maria Montessori Italy, educator (spontaneous response)
    1880 Queen Mother Wilhelmina Netherlands (1890-1948)
    1885 DuBose Heyward novelist (Porgy)
    1889 A Provost Idell father of modern volleyball
    1897 Frederic March Wisc, actor (Dr Jeckyll-Acad Awards 1932/1946)
    19– Noble Willingham Mineola Tx, actor (Cutter to Houston)
    19– Rick Porter actress (Another World)
    1903 Arthur Godfrey radio, TV host (Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scout)
    1903 Sir Bernard Lovell England, radio astronomer, founded Jodrell Bank
    1905 Dore Schary producer/writer/director (Act 1, Boys Town, Big City)
    1907 Ram¢n Magsaysay Phillipines, statesman (US Legion of Merit-1952)
    1908 William Saroyan US, novelist/playwright (Time of Your Life)
    1914 Richard Basehart Zanesville Oh, actor (Voyage to Bottom of Sea)
    1916 Daniel Schorr broadcast journalist (CBS)
    1918 Alan Jay Lerner lyricist composer (Lerner & Leowe-My Fair Lady)
    1919 Richard Basehart actor (Voyage to Bottom of the Sea)
    1924 Buddy (Leonard) Hackett Bkln, comedian (God’s Little Acre, Music Man)
    1928 James Coburn Laurel Nebr, actor (Our Man Flint, Magnificent Seven)
    1930 Tiny Little Jr Worthington Minn, pianist (Lawrence Welk Show)
    1931 Dan Rather news anchor (CBS-TV)
    1931 Jean Beliveau hockey star (Montreal Canadiens)
    1935 Eldridge Cleaver Black Panther turned Republican
    1935 Frank Robinson baseball player/manager (MVP 1961-NL 1966-AL)
    1937 Warren Berlinger Bkln, actor (Larry-Joey Bishop Shop, Take Two)
    1940 Alain Calmat France, figure skater (Olympic-silver-1964)
    1942 Carole Wells Shreveport La, actress (Pistols n Petticoats)
    1945 Itzhak Perlman Tel Aviv Israel, violinist/polio victim
    1945 Leonid I Popov cosmonaut (Soyuz 35, 40, T-7)
    1945 Van Morrison Belfast, singer (Here Comes the Night)
    1949 Richard Gere Phila Pa, actor (Breathless, Cotton Club)
    1952 Rudolf Schenker heavy metal rocker (Scorpions-No One Like You)
    1954 Tula [Barry Kenneth Cossey], Engld, transexual (For Your Eyes Only)
    1957 Glenn Tilbrook guitarist/vocalist (Squeeze-Tempted)
    1958 Edwin C Moses track star (hurdler, Olympic-gold-1984)
    1959 Rachel Dennison Knoxville Tn, actress (Doralee Rhodes-9 to 5)
    1961 David Chastain heavy metal rocker (Chastain-Rule of Wasteland)
    1963 Reb Beach heavy metal rocker (Winger-17)
    1970 Debbie Gibson Brooklyn NY, singer (Only in My Dreams)
    1977 Paul Garber helped establish Air & Space Museum in Washington DC


  • 1057 Leofric husband of Lady Godiva, dies
    1688 John Bunyan preacher/novelist/author of “Pilgrim’s Progress,”, dies
    1879 William Barber 6th US chief engraver (1844-79), dies
    1888 Mary Ann Nicholls a 42-year-old prostitute, was found stabbed to
    death in London, 1st of at least five murders by Jack the Ripper
    1963 George F Broque cubist painter, dies at 81 in Paris
    1964 Carole Coleman singer (Face the Music), dies at 42
    1964 Rocky Marciano former heavyweight champ, dies in a plane crash
    1968 Dennis O’Keefe actor (Suspicion), dies at 60
    1990 Nat (Sweetwater) Clifton NY Knick, dies at 65 of a heart attack

On this day:

  • 1535 Pope Paul II deposed & excommunicated King Henry VIII
    1772 Hurricane destroy ships off Dominica
    1778 British kill 17 Stockbridge indians in the Bronx during Revolution
    1829 The opera “Guillaume Tell” is produced (Paris)
    1842 US Naval Observatory authorized by an act of Congress
    1850 Calif pioneers organized at Montgomery & Clay Streets
    1864 Atlanta Campaign-Battle of Jonesborough
    1881 1st US tennis championships (Newport, RI)
    1886 1st major earthquake recorded in eastern US, at Charleston, SC
    1886 Crocker-Woolworth National Bank organized
    1887 Thomas A Edison patents Kinetoscope, (produces moving pictures)
    1889 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure “Cardboard Box” (BG)
    1894 Phillies Billy Hamilton steals 7 bases
    1895 1st pro football game (QB John Brallier paid $10 & won 12-0)
    1900 Dodgers’ Brickyard Kennedy walks 6 straight Phillies
    1902 Split skirt 1st worn by Mrs Adolph Landeburg (horse rider)
    1903 Joe McGinnity wins his 3rd doubleheader of the month
    1907 England, Russia & France form the Triple Entente
    1915 Chic White Sox Jimmy Lavender no-hits NY Giants, 2-0
    1919 Communist Labor Party of America formed in Chicago
    1919 Petlyura’s Ukranian Army kills 35 members of a Jewish defense group
    1934 1st football all star game-Bears tie collegians 0-0 in Chicago
    1935 1st national skeet championship (Indianapolis)
    1935 Chicago White Sox Vern Kennedy no-hits Cleveland Indians, 5-0
    1935 FDR signs an act prohibiting export of US arms to belligerents
    1941 Great Gildersleeve, a spin-off of Fibber McGee & Molly debuts on NBC
    1950 Dodger Gil Hodges hits 4 HRs & a single in a game vs Braves
    1954 Census Bureau established
    1954 Hurricane Carol (1st major named storm) hits New England, 70 die
    1955 1st microwave TV station operated (Lufkin, Tx)
    1955 1st sun-powered automobile demonstrated, Chicago, Ill
    1957 Malaya (Malaysia) gains independence from Britain (National Day)
    1959 Australia defeats US for tennis’ Davis Cup
    1960 Agricultural Hall of Fame established
    1962 Trinidad & Tobago gain independence from Britain (National Day)
    1965 House of Reps joins Senate establish Dept of Housing & Urban Develop
    1968 6,000 die in 7.8 quake destroys 60,000 buildings in NE Iran
    1968 Private Eye magazine reports a John Lennon & Yoko Ono album will have a picture of them nude on the cover
    1969 25,000 attend New Orleans Pop Festival
    1970 Lonnie McLucas, a Black Panther activist, convicted
    1970 US defeats German FR for tennis’ Davis Cup
    1971 Dave Scott becomes 1st person to drive a car on the Moon
    1972 Olga Korbut, USSR, wins olympic gold medal in gymnastics
    1973 1st heavyweight championship fight in Japan (Foreman beats Roman)
    1977 Aleksandr Fedotov sets aircraft alt rec of 38.26 km (125,524′)
    1978 Symbionese Liberation Army founders William & Emily Harris plead guilty to 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst
    1979 Comet Howard-Koomur-Michels collides with the Sun
    1979 Donald McHenry named to succeed Andrew Young as UN ambassador
    1980 Poland’s Solidarity labor union founded
    1983 Edwin Moses of USA sets the 400m hurdle record (47.02) in Koblenz
    1984 Pinklin Thomas defeats Tim Witherspoon for the WBC heavyweight title
    1985 “Prakas” sets trotting mile record of 1:53.4 at Du Quoin, Ill
    1985 Night Stalker suspect that terrorized S Calif captured in East LA
    1986 Aeromexico jet & small plane collide kill 82
    1986 Soviet passenger ship Adm Nakhimov, collides with a merchant vessel
    1987 Curtis Strange sets golf’s earning for the year record ($697,385)
    1988 5-day power blackout of downtown Seattle begins

Commodore releasing C64? Please No

Darren Quick at Gizmag ( reports that “[…] Commodore USA has just announced that it has reached a licensing agreement that will allow it to produce a full line of new Commodore branded All in one (AIO) keyboard computers and intends to start selling an exact replica of the original beige chassis C64. Cue some misty eyed reminiscing from a large part of our readership.

Because users would think the original 8-bit C64’s specs a bit lacking nowadays and would find the prospect of loading games from a tape drive positively antiquated, the updated Commodore PC64 will include an Intel Atom 525 CPU with NVIDIA Ion2 graphics, 4GB DDR3 memory, 1TB Hdd, HDMI, DVD/CD optical drive (Blu-ray optional), dual-link DVI, six USB ports, integrated 802.11n WiFi, bluetooth and a 6-in-1 media card reader. […] ” (full article at

There are some things that should remain in our minds as they were. This is the case of C64. I understand the marketing appeal, but the flavour is different.

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Win in love

It is better to have loved and lost than to have hated and won.

Anonymous romantic

Paul Allen move a little bit out of time

Austin Carr at Fast Company ( reports, among the others, that Microsoft co-fpouder Paul Allen has sued Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, YouTube because of an infringement of patents he owns (full article at

I don’t question on his supposed rights. I only say 20 years have passed (because patents are from the 90’s) and companies are well known and of same secto Mr. Allen is working form the beginning. Isn’t a bit surprising and late in acting at this time?

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Imagination and reality

Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.

Jules de Gaultier


If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think they’ll hate you.


Another POV of classic Windows shortcuts: a tribute to creativity

I come through a peterwut post at 9GAG (, representing a post from annesouza’s blog (peterwut post at, annesouza’s one at

No words, only a tribute to the quintessence of creativity, whoever did this.

You can find it here below.

A wise man words

If someone had told me I would be Pope one day, I would have studied harder.

Pope John Paul I

Problems and solutions

I don’t have any solution but I certainly admire the problem.

Ashleigh Brilliant

Wikileaks starts with CIA documents?

Andy Carvell at ( reports that “[…] WikiLeaks has announced on Twitter that it will release a new document today […]” (full article at

I don’t really like to speak of this, but, I don’t also like the misuse of freedom of speech.

One thing is to release documents on companies doing bad things, another is to “burn” people working undercover or putting them in danger.

Freedom of speech is a right that should be used with some wiseness.

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