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Aim in life

Find an aim in life before you run out of ammunition.

Arnold Glasow

3G on Everest? No thanks.

Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo ( and others (Raymond Wong at Dvice – , report that also mount Everest is covered with 3G signal thanks to 8 masts mounted around (Full article at and at

While I can understand that it helps in giving security to climbers and improves, maybe, local conditions, I suffer for seeing Everest violated and reduced to a commercial locations.

Some respect for culture and nature is always needed.

Hope that at least the technology developed helps in connecting and giving access to informations for 3rd and 4th world people.

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AppMakr, a good iPhone development application

Adam Dachis at Lifehacker ( writes an article on a site called AppMakr that helps you building you iPhone app in WYSWYGstyle (Full article at

Hope that Apple doesn’t go through this site and decide to do some legal mumbo jumbo on this, because though app store is really rich of apps, new ways of development are welcome.

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Sharing working life experiences

Hi everybody.

Have you experienced a moment in your working life you would like to share (either good, bad or funny)?

This is the place, by replying at this post.

I start with mine.

I was in a very well known consulting company and we were working on our internal accounting systems conversion from Italian Liras to Euro.

My former partner on the project asked me for a couple of months every day the exchange rate from lira to euro and I repeated every day: 1 euro is 1936.27 liras.

After the second month he said to me: “I’m happy because as we transitioned to euro we gained in stability: the exchange rate never changes!” 🙂

Rules exceptions

Exceptions prove the rule, and wreck the budget.


Death and life

Better clean death than dirty life.

Frank Herbert

Breaking into Windows more or less complex, depends on you

Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker reports some different ways to break into windows or prevent others from doing so, ranging from using a Linux liveCD to access files to more complex passsword attacks (full article at

Nicely written and usefull, at least to understand a little more.

Ladder of success

Be sure your ladder of success is leaning against the right wall.


Laws and reality

All laws are simulations of reality.

John C. Lilly

iOS 4.1 security flaw

Brian X. Chen at Wired ( reports a security flaw that allows bypassing iPhone code lock: simply “[…] tap the “Emergency call” button, then enter three pound signs, hit the green call button and immediately press the lock button. That simple procedure gives a snoop full access to the Phone app on the iPhone, which contains the address book, voicemail and call history […] (Full article

🙂 also Apple has some funny things to do without jailbreaking…

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