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Show must go on. No!

Marty Cortinas at Wired ( reports as many others the sudden death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili (full article at For italians on Corriere della Sera is reported that in a couple of hours, judges decided that incident was created by luger fault (

What is really awfull is that opening ceremony was made.

Is not a problem of making 1 minute silence, nor Mr Rogge crying eyes (whose reaction by the way I think is honest).

The opening ceremony had to be stopped, because there’s no olypmic spirit in celebrating with a 20 years old dead in next room.

And even if was an error to cause the death, It’s a little bit suspicious to close the investigations in such small amount of time (maybe to safeguard the 80 millions euro spent?)

It’s so sad having principles so slave to money.

In memory of  Nodar Kumaritashvili (November 25, 1988 – February 12, 2010)

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Sad end of Formula 1

Today Silverstone Gp will be like Titanic orchestra playing music when ship sinks.

Teams have announced that they are planning a new championship.

Max Mosley, old dictator who never surrenders, is playing the game of his life to restate his power and continue to craft FIA at his own will.

Bernie Ecclestone is apparently staying at the window just to see what’s going on and trying to calm down dispute particpants.

FOTA is playing, in my opinion, the correct move to keep this sport alive. But at what price?

And we, fans and admirers of one of the most appealing sports in the world, watch sadly part of our story disappear.

Money, money, money.

Ferrari, Max and the big bluff

Tony Borroz on Wired posted a good article, with things I agree on and things I don’t. But definitely a good article.

Full article can be found at

My comment is below.

“I agree on the fact that Ferrari is playing a strong hand.
I’m quite sure that everything will be resolved with lot of money and with Mosley stepping down from his position.
But I also think that main fault is Max’s one.
Mosley is the head of an international organization, with members and rules and cannot act at his own will depite members opinions.”

Motivation and sport

Catherine Forsythe at Lockergnome wrote a great article on motivation of pro players. Full article can be found at

What to say: Its, again, a matter of ethic and professional behaviour, but most of all is a matter of respect.

Even if you’re a pro sport player or anything else.

Just because you’re paid, you have to do what you have to do at you’re best and givin 120% of you effort. No motivation or other excuses.

Then, but only then, you can complain if you’re not paid enough or if you feel demotivated.

And, if you are a million dollar (or Euro) sport (or what else) professional, you should pay respect for those that aren’t lucky as you.

No motivation issues.

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