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Daily Mumble: Nuclear fear

Is not easy to carry on on a choice such as the one to keep on investing in nuclear when you fear the consequences of what is happening in Japan.

But governors should remain calm and not be dominated by feelings and moods.

I think we all should remain in the nuclear and keep on investing until we are not able to find renewable energies and make the existing one more safe.


Daily Mumble: No thoughts paradox

In this moment I’m feeling like I’m having no thoughts at all. But at same time I realize I’m thinking.

Great paradox. 😉

Daily Mumble: Japan earthquake

To those being affected by the terrible earthquake in Japan, my condolences.


Daily Mumble: putting the basis for the future

If we all start thinking of our future, instead of “going short”  maybe we will all manage to give to our children (or at least to other generations following us) a better world.

Is so stupid to live without thinking of the rest.

This doesn’t mean living in misery or not enjoy the taste of life. Means only to take a moment and think “Will these going to impact others? will get me or others in a worst situation after the benefit I’m getting now”.


Daily Mumble: meritocracy for all

I often find how difficult is for people really capable to emerge if they have not some prerequisites (university degree in some university, find the “good train” to follow an a merging leader, do a good corridor management,…).

Is very sad, because this determines even more often a management where relational skills are more important than operational skills.

But this brings value to a company only if those skills are applied to bring benefit to the company and not to make the management survive.


Aliens everywhere

There’s a lot of talk in this days on aliens, Xfiles, disclosures,…

Evan Ackerman at Dvice reports that “[…] a paper on […] website by NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover that showcases a variety of microscopic fossilized structures from inside meteorites that are possibly the remains of extraterrestrial bacteria. Aliens, for real. […] ” (Full story here, original article in Journal of cosmology, here , Jack Loftus at Gizmodo here).

I’m quite convinced that somewhere in the universe there are living entities, I have imagined them in different ways for years.

I know that on a scientific POV they are likely to be like this one, but, on a more idealistic POV I hoped for something different 🙂 .

But at least this EBE managed to get here….

This is the picture

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Daily Mumble: Dealing with children

Dealing with children is always difficult, especially if you have a work very complex or time consuming.

I think that a lot of patience is needed, also if sometimes is not enough.

What makes me think is that when I think I’ve managed to understand mine, everything is changed… 🙂

Daily Mumble: Our financial inconsciousness

We are still striving for the global crisis, but everyone is looking for latest gadgets and luxury.

Paid often by debt.

This is not putting the basis for reconstructing: is just digging a deeper grave for our future.

Our ancestors exited from crisis in last centuries always working hard and reconstructing, not using (only ) financial means.

Mobile traffic to increase 26x by 2015 but will infrastructures support it?

Matthew Lasar at Ars technica ( reports some figures by Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast (source here).

Here are the highlights:'[…]

  • There will be 788 million mobile-only Internet users by 2015.
  • Global mobile data traffic will increase by a factor of 26 by 2015.
  • World mobile data grew by a factor of 2.6 in 2010 from 2009.
  • Average smartphone usage doubled: 79 MB per month, up from 35 MB per month in 2009.
  • Android operating system data use is rapidly catching up to the iPhone.
  • In 2010 almost a third of smartphone traffic was offloaded onto fixed networks via dual-mode or Femtocells.
  • Millions of people around the world have cell phones but no electricity, and by 2015 a majority in the Middle East and Southeast Asia will live “off-grid, on-net.”

[…]” (full article at

I think that supporting such an expansion is also a challenge of network support, that, in most cases is running at nearly full capacity.

I’m not confident that in 4 years we can build and reinforce networks more than was done in last 10 years.

The other fact that is really worrying is that nearly 1/3 of world population will live “on net and off grid”. This is a radical shift, because moves mobile access to primary needs, and I think that accessing the net is important, but not vital nor for development, nor for surviving.

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Daily mumble: Appreciation

People do not appreciate things or persons unless is too late to have them back.

I think that either if you’re shy or not, when you notice something appreciable you must smile and give your comment.

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