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It is difficult to prophesy, especially about the future.

Daily Mumble: putting the basis for the future

If we all start thinking of our future, instead of “going short”  maybe we will all manage to give to our children (or at least to other generations following us) a better world.

Is so stupid to live without thinking of the rest.

This doesn’t mean living in misery or not enjoy the taste of life. Means only to take a moment and think “Will these going to impact others? will get me or others in a worst situation after the benefit I’m getting now”.


Being happy of unhappiness

Scott H Young at his blog writes an article on the need of unhappiness also in an ideal life (full article at http://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/2010/05/24/mental-aikido/).

Scott lists some points on most of which I agree.

Below are my comments:

  • Some Unhappiness is a Necessary to Live Well: at least because if you don’t experience unhappiness you’re not able to appreciate at full your moments of happiness. Unhappiness, in case, acts both as an enabler and empowerer of joy.
  • Uninterrupted Joy is Impossible: true, for the reason above. Our being able of living our life at full goes through our ability to pass into moments of unhappiness to learn and appreciate those at the opposite
  • Pain Pays for Future Happiness: this is quite tricky, because, as i said before, no happiness is possible without unhappiness. But is not true that the deeper is the valley of pain and bigger the climax of happiness. I think that this varies from person to person, but small variations of the level of joy are appreciated, while big differences bring to “strange” reactions
  • Happiness Isn’t the Point: True, also because it ranges a lot from person to person. But I agree, living good is the key.
  • Functional Unhappiness: This one is also tricky, because being so rational to separate emotions is a difficult business to pursuit.

This post as a comment also at http://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/2010/05/24/mental-aikido/comment-page-1/#comment-420257

The future of communication

I posted what follows as a comment on http://www.baekdal.com/articles/Management/market-of-information/ where there’s a great representation of communication future.

“Really appealing. I think that traditional media will survive a little bit more. That is mainly because, in my opinion, there will be a matter of a geographic technologic and social allignment. Until this gap is filled, and technology will be availble widely at low cost, traditional communication will survive.”

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