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Imagination is more important than knowledge …

Albert Einstein


There is nothing new under the sun, but there are lots of old things we don’t know yet.

Ambrose Bierce


An expert is someone who knows no more than you do, but who has it better organized and uses slides.


Problem solving

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.


Project management lessons

The guys at Project management knowledge underlined the importance of lessons learned in project management (full article at http://project-management-knowledge.com/lessons-learned-in-project-management).

Here are my comments:

  • That a project’s scope, time, and costs were woefully underestimated: True, and in this times of crisis at most time, you have very little contingency inside estimations.  I also feel that having a planned “incremental” scope is usefull instead than having unreacheable goals.
  • Which vendors to use and which to avoid in the future – and why: This is part of team shaping and is definitely a part of experience each one of us has
  • Which members of your project team need extra supervision to get things done: this is quite tricky, because team members vary and is not said you will have your team well formed and ready when starting a project
  • Which members of your project team can be given additional responsibilities and opportunities for leadership development : as above.
  • That certain instructions and communication are unclear leading to confusion: communication is the key for success and makes the difference between skilled professionals and a team
  • That your current tools/equipment/technology aren’t up to the task at hand : agree on this
  • That some corporate policies are outdated and decrease the efficiency of project processes: This is an old story every time true 🙂

This post as a comment at  http://project-management-knowledge.com/lessons-learned-in-project-management/comment-page-1/#comment-5981

On mentoring

Martha Retallick at Freelance switch (http://freelanceswitch.com/author/retallick/) writes an article on the importance of mentoring and diffenet types of possible mentors (full article at http://freelanceswitch.com/inspiration/benefits-of-mentoring/).

Mentoring is an ongoing process throughout the working life: at first you’re the mentee and then you become a mentor.

Is an enabler of knowledge and productivity too many times forgot and confused with wasting time.

Is not only a way to take care of people, but is a way to make them more productive, especially if based on a structured process of mentoring and not left to employee good will.

This post as a comment also at http://freelanceswitch.com/inspiration/benefits-of-mentoring/#comment-55896

Secret knowledge

The knowledge that a secret exists is half the secret.


Fate and ability to interact with it

Ilead365 (http://www.ilead365.com/) reports Auschwitz survivor Viktor Frankl words on our capability to interact with fate, saying that “[…] You can take everything away from another human being, but for one thing: the possibility to choose his own way in which to react to a given situation”.

Most of the people think that bringing our own knowledge to others is the key of successfull coaching.

But is only a way of make us believable in front of others (You did it, so you’re experienced and I can trust you), because each one of us is likely to behave in very different ways at same situation.

Old latins said that everyone makes is own life (quisque artifex fortune suae).

It was true once upon a time, and I believe is still quite true. Now is a little more complex because of the globalized world we live in and the multiple interactions we have to take care.

Imagination and knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge.


Belief and knowledge

Belief is not the beginning but the end of all knowledge.


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