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Tact is the ability to tell a man he has an open mind when he has a hole in his head.


Questions and answers

Beware of the man who knows the answer before he understands the question.


Genetics and men

It’s men like him that give the Y chromosome a bad name.

Anonymous genetist


I think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde

God and common mens

God must love the common man; He made so many of them.


Child torture: a direct message to those ugly bastards

I see from many sources (among them the italian corriere della sera http://www.corriere.it/esteri/10_ottobre_04/bambino-scotch-muro-genitori_c58b0cf8-cf9e-11df-8a5d-00144f02aabe.shtml) that a couple (Corde Honea and Jayla Hamm) from Lincoln, Nebraska has been arrested and declared guilty for torturing their 22 month child by taping him against the wall with duct tape.

I only have to say a couple of words to those ugly bastards: you deserve the worst a man and a woman can have. I hope you’ll be treated as bad as is possible in jail, because you’re far for being human!

This poor little child didn’t decide to come to earth; you did it and he has the right to live a happy or at least not violent live.

Hope that the child will find someone giving him all the care and attention he had not.

Thoreau’s Law

If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should run for your life.


God capabilities

I think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde

Man and software

Software stands between man and his machine.


Change and man

Of all the forces acting on man, change is the most beneficial and the most cruel.


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