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Beware of startups. Long live the startups

Eliot Van Buskirk ( at Wired writes an article telling us that “[…] The financial giants of New York City may have crashed spectacularly after betting the world’s economy on worthless home mortgages, but the city is now bursting with technology startups, who just a short year ago wouldn’t have been considered worth risk or attention from the money men.” (full article at

I think that all those startups are of course a sign of some kind of economy new deal, but we all should be aware in order not to come again back i 2000, where with only an idea and no basis you could become a millionaire.

IMHO consistent and stable growth passes through a selection of which startup deserve to continue and those who don’t.

Not everybody is an entepreneur or is able to be so. Even if you’re one of the best and brightest mind.

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Solar energy

We’ll have solar energy when the power companies develop a sunbeam meter.


Math is not an opinion

Two is not equal to three, even for large values of two.


Children identity theft: some considerations

Catherine Forsythe at Lockergnome writes an article talking about identity theft applied to children (full article at, Brian J. O’connor article at

I think that children are, as always and unfortunately the perfect targets for evil people.

On the other side, I’m quite sure that, though early access to IT is something desirable, on the other side, this could and should happen always with adult supervision, or, at least with limited activity possibility.

Of course you can manage to tell to young people not to do something, but is not a “bulletproof” solution.

The risk is exposing children to those risks that are not evaluable.  For me, IMHO, my little daughter will have access only through incremental steps of freedom.

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Cultural levels

Troglodytism does not necessarily imply a low cultural level.


Errors and humans

To err is human.  To blame someone else for your errors is even more human.


Time and space

Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.


Anonymous blogging

Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica publishes an article talking on the fact that “Lawsuits against anonymous bloggers are common, but the courts generally protect the right to speak unnamed. Now, one Tennessee blogger is about to be unmasked, reminding us that even Internet anonymity has its limits—and that making accusations of arson, drug abuse, and tax evasion can carry consequences.” (full article at

As I said some other times, I don’t think internet anonymity is a right. Better: is not a right everywhere, because most of us, luckily, don’t live in a regime and so talking behind a nickname is not a protection, is just a difefrent way of communicating.

For those belonging to the minority living under a regime, anonimity should be a right to be defendend to the very last extent. For the other (the majority), internet is a media not to be abused.

And so if anyone offends or those something against laws, should be prosecuted like any other.

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Do and simulate

Those who can, do; those who can’t, simulate.


Flu crisis, criminal opportunity. But who is the criminal?

Forsythe ( at Lockergnome writes an article reporting increasing warning over criminal attempts for flu crisis (full story at

I think that hasn’t been a time in human histry that was not an opportunity for criminals.

But at the same time I think that, though a real problem exists with flu spreading, sometime big Pharma companies wave on this fear to sell more. And this is a criminal offense too in my opinion.

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