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Why things fail

Failure is more frequently from want of energy than want of capital.


Storage and laziness

Chris Jacob at Gizmodo writes an article on storage evolution, from floppy drives to terabyted storage (full article at , original photo bt Curtiss Spontelli at Flickr

It’ really amazing the step forward we, as technologized people, made in a bunch of years.

Seems to me like yesterday (well maybe the day before yesterday 😉 ) when i was staring fascinated in front of a noisy ZX48 spectrum loading games from a cassette recorder.

Unfortunately the wider the space, the laziest we become.

When only 48kb of RAM where available, little masterpieces were born (e.g. Jetpac). When memory and storage become cheaper, those masterpieces of optimization were more beautiful than ever (remember sensible soccer  for amiga or stunt driver?).

And then storage and memory were for all. We are reasoning in terms of Teras, graphic is the best ever seen since so far, but, IMHO, no masterpiece of smart coding is seing the light.

Of course gaming is not all, but is a (limited) indicator of how we are acting. Imagine what could have been done with same smart coding of good old times and all these space.

Linux I suppose…. 🙂

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Facts consciousness

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.


Space filling

Everything expands to fill the available space.


The price of purchase

Every purchase has its price.



Absurdity and champions

Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.


Candle light

Even the smallest candle burns brighter in the dark.


Children and mind

Don’t teach your children what to think; just teach them to think.


The weigth of truth

An ounce of clear truth is worth a pound of obfuscation.


Do and don’t

Do, or do not; there is no try.


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