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Disabling trackbacks on WordPress

Ritesh Kawadkar at The windows Club (, gives a quick tip on how to remove all trackbacks from WordPress installatio (full article at

“[…] A trackback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking, and so referring, to their articles. If you have a WordPress blog than you have probably seen your trackbacks getting mixed with your comments. Most of the WordPress templates now provide functionality to show trackbacks separately from you real comments while others don’t. […]”

The solution is quite simple and consists in “[…] go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion and Turn Off “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)”.

It’ s a question of personal taste and abitude. For me it’s not a problem the “normal” use of trackbacks.


Tolerances will accumulate uni-directionally toward maximum difficultly to assemble.


Some credit score definitions

I came through a Liz Pulliam Weston article at Microsoft money central that is very clear and defines different kind of scores used by credit lenders (full article was supposed to be at, but unfortunately I’m not able to check it at the moment 😦 )

Liz reports, in extreme synthesis those scores:

  • Credit risk score: also known as FICO, ranges from 350 to 800 with good credit over 700
  • Response score: measures client responsiveness to a credit offer, tipically used from up and cross selling
  • Application score: summarizes the datas not included in credit risk score
  • Bankruptcy score: similar in some way to probability of default predicts the chances of missing a payment within the next two years
  • Revenue score: Measures how much you’re profitable for the money lender
  • Attrition-risk score: Measures client risk of abandon (means that stop using the card)
  • Behavior score: an indicator of how well the client is handling all credit accounts
  • Transaction score: an indicator referred to each transaction to determine the approval
  • Collection score: is used by collection agenciesto determine the likehood of being paid

How to build a computer

Online tech tips starts the first of a series of articles aimed at building a PC (full article at

This first article covers processors: worth a read and follow.

iOS 4 Manual delivered

For those having an iPhone with iOS 4 installed or just curious of knowing the features, Kevin Purdy at Lifehacker gives us the direct links to Apple iOS4 manuals (full article at, Apple site at, TUAW article at

Direct links for download at for iPhones and at for iPod touch.

I only wonder why every time a software is released there’s a quest for finding the manuals in the overload of information that follow the release 🙂

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Think and act

To think is easy and to act is hard, but the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.


Time and pace

 Time rarely proceeds at a pace perceived by the individual as appropriate.


On mentoring

Martha Retallick at Freelance switch ( writes an article on the importance of mentoring and diffenet types of possible mentors (full article at

Mentoring is an ongoing process throughout the working life: at first you’re the mentee and then you become a mentor.

Is an enabler of knowledge and productivity too many times forgot and confused with wasting time.

Is not only a way to take care of people, but is a way to make them more productive, especially if based on a structured process of mentoring and not left to employee good will.

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Time and nature

Time is natures way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once.


Rumoring on a iOS 4 update coming on monday

Rosa Golijan at Gizmodo reports the rumor coming from Appleinsider that an iOS 4 update (iOS 4.01) is coming on monday and could fix the reception problem (full article at, original post at Appleinsider at

t minus 24… 🙂

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